You may notice a few changes to our site, primarily the removal of the credit card processing at checkout.

As of May 15th, our credit card processor terminated all hemp CBD businesses accounts. Elavon handled merchant account processing for an estimated 90% of folks in the hemp CBD business.Their reasoning? The evolving state of hemp regulation.

Lack of regulation on CBD product testing, labeling, etc, has made it easy for people to sell marijuana products under the disguise of hemp (the two are NOT the same). We are hopeful that the FDA’s May hearing will help usher in the proper guidelines to eliminate this issue, and leave quality products for consumers.

We prepared for regulations from the beginning, in a few different ways. Our products are 3rd party tested, with a code printed on each bottle for tracking your results on our site. The amount of CBD along with the ingredients are clearly indicated on the label, and we use a safety-locking dropper.

What we couldn’t prepare for was banks abruptly choosing to terminate credit card processing (even though our products are considered federally legal). So, we adjust and continue to research alternatives.

If you would like to place an order while we await our new credit card processor, please email us at An invoice will be issued with instructions for payment. There are a few mainstream alternatives we use offline at events, that we will utilize for the time being. This inbox is monitored constantly for fast responding and order fulfillment.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your continued support and patience as we continue to grow. 

Lots of love, Jackee