Improving lives, naturally.


Hi there, my name is Jackee. I started Uplifted Company in summer of 2018 with the mission of helping our friends, family, and community live a better and balanced life using holistic non-toxic remedies. My goal is to educate the public on the value of hemp, and clear up some misrepresentations on CBD.

My CBD journey began last year, after hearing so much about its positive effects with virtually no side effects. I have always been one to seek out natural remedies before taking a pill. After countless hours of researching, I decided to try it myself for my anxiety, migraines, and sleep issues. What a life changer. With a consistent daily regime crafted, I could feel the improvement within a week.

In wanting to share this goodness, I decided to take the leap and start my own brand of Hemp CBD extracts. Our oils are custom formulated by a veteran owned company that sources their organic non-gmo hemp from Colorado and Kentucky farms, CO2 extracts it, and tests for quality. Out of my own commitment to full transparency and premium products, I also get the product 3rd lab tested for posting results on our site.

I do this to help others, through education and offering premium quality oils in a market that is unregulated and overcome with low quality products “getting by”. I do this in my father’s honor, he lost his battle with Stage 4 colon cancer in January 2019. I wasn’t able to share this miracle of nature with him, so I make it my mission to share it with everyone I come across.

Please feel free to email me at, or reach out on any of our social channels. If you leave with anything from this note, please let it be that there is hope. There is always hope.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I am forever grateful of your support.

Lots of love, J.